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  • Movement Lesson

    Progressive therapeutic approach to teach the mind and body to move efficiently work in harmony

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  • Increased Mobility

    Achieve greater range of motion, balance, coordination, pain relief and optimal health

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  • Special Children

    Personalized approach to address special children's needs

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  • Newborn Movement Assessment

    Effective comprehensive guide to determine short-term and long-term developmental concerns, and to optimize, and stimulate the baby’s movement patterns through gentle touch

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Movement Lesson


    Touch is the first sense to develop in the womb and is probably the most advanced at birth ...
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    A newborn is only able to respond to gravity based on the efficiency of its system mechanics ...
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    When the human system doesn't have spatial awareness and does not know to balance ...
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    Movement lessons help in restoring the body’s natural response to the environment around...
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Michelle is showing a Feldenkrais Practitioner various ways that she works on herself and incorporates FIs into her sessions.

Michelle explains on the movement functions with water as an example

Foundations in Touch - Head - Day 3 - Mumbai 2015 - Michelle continues to demonstrate touch with a wave machine.

Michelle demonstrates her famous water bowl showing the process of touch. This is a demonstration from her Introduction to Movement Lesson seminar.

Taking time to work and define extraordinary movement in the hand takes time. To enjoy the intricacies of response can be rewarding to you and your child. Michelle shows how she works with prolonged details of touch. Working with the Hand Details of a Movement Lesson

Michelle continues her class on touch and the neck with two infants.

Michelle is demonstrating on a six month old on the basics of balance and responsive touch. For every action there is a reaction, especially true with the human body.

MOVEMENT LESSON FAMILY How it helped their loved ones

  • Virginia Medina

    "I wish I had known about you & your work when Leila was a baby, so many things now make sense."

  • Michelle Sampson Vielbig
     Yuma, AZ
    "You are awesome and help so many parents help their own children!"


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