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Rehabilitation Versus Habilitation

Michelle talks about the difference between rehabilitation (improving or restoring functions which you've already learned) and habilitation (learning movements for the first time). Children with special needs need habilitation not rehabilitation. Therapies need to adjust for learning something for the first time./

Learning to Move with CDKL5 - Sonya's Story

Learning to work with a Rare Genetic Disorder can sometimes be more overwhelming to the parents than to the child. The key to many is to initiate functional movements before they are too difficult to discover.. Learning to Move with CDKL5 - Sonya's Story

Infant Head Movements from Nursing

During the first three months of life, there are very important developmental movements that start to establish short and long-term cognitive function.

How Your Baby Starts to Move - Typical and Non-typical

Michelle shows how a baby learns to move without effort using the technique of rolling and/or transference of weight vs. trying to lift in an non-typical manner. She show example of the first warning signs of cerebral palsy.