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Movement Lesson


Touch is the first sense to develop in the womb and is probably the most advanced at birth. Babies thrive on lots of physical contact, which makes them feel cozy and loved. Babies need touch. Touch and emotional engagement boost early childhood development. One of the things infants learn early in life is that their actions affect others' responses—they sense that they're active agents in their environment. Through healthy touch we can work on the Central Nervous System for initiating the right movement patterns in children whose system had been compromised either because of birth injury or other trauma.



A newborn is only able to respond to gravity based on the efficiency of its system mechanics in relation to the environment that it is in at that moment. The mind of a child will start to produce momentum and force to the gravitational response of the objects and stimuli around them and will learn to manipulate and control some basic forces of nature and objects within the limits of the system mechanics locomotion. It’s with the initiation and stimulation of a newborn’s developmental movement patterns that the system mechanics create a constant fire of neuropathways. The better the human can move in and out of symmetrical and asymmetrical poses, the better they get in opposing the gravity and move more effortlessly.



Newton's third law of motion explains that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Its the same for the human body, for each action that we do our body balances out the forces within. From a conceptual standpoint, Newton's third law is seen when a person walks: they push against the floor, and the floor pushes against the person. More examples would include riding a bike, swimming etc. When the human system doesn't have spatial awareness and does not know to balance and counter, then the system is threatened which happens in case of Cerebral Palsy, the muscles go into a spasm trying to protect the body by opposing the gravity. Movement lessons help in restoring the body’s natural response to the environment around by teaching the brain to encounter healthy reflex reaction.